Pre-Opening Revenue Management Services

Mandatory for Franchised

Mandatory for Managed

Pre-opening Revenue Management Service (RMS) is designed to help maximise your property revenues by streamlining the system setups based on which the hotel can develop a strong distribution reach.

Revenue Management Services

Mandatory for Franchised

Optional for Managed

National Monthly Revenue Management Services are designed to help your hotel maximise your revenue potential by improving the visibility and consistency of pricing and selling strategies.

Our team will conduct weekly test shops and reviews of your central revenue systems to identify any exceptions to brand standards, rate parity, or inventory restrictions. Exceptions are then communicated to your revenue team.

Additionally, this service offers a monthly call where we regularly review performance and future selling strategies including:

  • Potential revenue opportunities
  • Training updates
  • Revenue statistics
  • Corporate account and channel production reports

Revenue Management Reporting Tools

Optional for Franchised

Mandatory for Managed

The Revenue Management team provides a range of WHR recommended and preferred tools/resources that truly help you achieve success.